Happy Spring! It's nice to finally get some warm weather in the Northeast! So looking back at our show schedule for the past five years, we realized that we haven't really ever had more than a few consecutive weeks without playing a show. That kind of schedule is a blast, but man is it tiring!

In light of this discovery, Jatoba has decided to take a few months away from playing shows. Our intent is to focus on tightening up our existing repertoire, writing a bunch of new material, and hopefully getting some time in the recording studio. We have a lot of ideas and incomplete songs floating around out there, and we are really psyched to finally have the time to bring them to fruition.

We still have a couple of festival gigs booked for late spring, but we plan on getting back to gigging sometime this summer. We will be periodically posting new online content on this site and other social media outlets for ya'll to enjoy, so be sure to keep an eye out. We hope to see everyone this summer!


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